GI Blues

Barry Andracchio (AUS) - July 2010
G.I. Blues - Elvis Presley

Intro 16 counts – Start on Vocals

Walk Forward, Point, Walk Back Point
1,2,3,4 Walk forward R,L,R, point Left to left side.
5,6,7,8 Walk back L,R,L, point Right to right side

Forward Point, Forward Point, Forward Point, Forward Point
1,2,3,4 Step Right forward, point Left, step Left forward, point Right
5,6,7,8 Step Right forward, point Left, step Left forward, point Right

Jazz Box Turning ¼ Right & Cross, Side Shuffle, Back Rock
1,2,3,4 Cross Right over Left, Step back on Left, Turn ¼ Right step Right to side, Cross Left over Right (3 o’clock)
5&6,7,8 Step Right to right side, step Left beside Right, step Right to side, rock back on Left, recover onto Right

Side Shuffle, Touch, Unwind ¾, Rock Forward, Recover, Shuffle Back
1&2,3.4 Step Left to left side, step Right beside Left, step Left to side, Touch Right toe behind Left, unwind ¾ turn right (weight on right) (12 o’clock)
5,6,7&8 Rock forward on Left, recover back onto Right, Shuffle back L,R,L

Touch, Unwind Full Turn, Side Toe Strut, Cross Toe Strut, Side Rock
1,2,3,4 Touch Right Toe behind Left, unwind full turn (weight on right), (12 o’clock) touch Left toe to side, step down on heel (click fingers)
5,6,7,8 Step Right toe over Left, step down on heel (click fingers), step Left to left side, recover onto Right

Cross Shuffle, Rock, ¼ Left, Paddle ¼ Left, Right Kick-Ball-Change
1&2,3,4 Step Left over Right, step Right to side, step Left over Right, Step Right to side, turning ¼ left recover onto Left (9 o’clock)
5,6,7&8 Step forward on Right, turning ¼ left rock onto Left, Right Kick-Ball-Change (6 o’clock)

Start Again

Ending: After Jazz Box Cross turning ¼ Right (count 20), (3 o’clock), Side shuffle turning ¼ Right to face front (12 o’clock) and finish.

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