Is Baby's Radio On

GYTAL (USA) - July 2010
Turn On The Radio - Reba McIntyre

Alt. Music: Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing by Chris Isaak

R Lindy, L Toe Heel, R Toe Heel
1 & 2 R Triple (R,L,R) to R side
3-4 Rock L back, recover R
5-6 Step L toe to L , drop heel
7-8 Cross R toe over L, drop R Heel

1/4 turn to R with attitude, L. Coaster, R. Triple Forward
9-10 pushing with L turn 1/8 to R,swaying hips to L. R, weight on R )
11-12 pushing with L turn 1/8 to R,swaying hips to L,R, weight on R )
13 & 14 Step Back on L, Back on R, Forwrd on L
15 &16 R triple R-L-R forward

Out Out In Touch , Monterrey,
17-18 Step L to L, Step R to R
19-20 Step L into center, Touch R to L instep
21-24 Touch R to R, pivot 1/2 to R, step on R, Touch L to L, step on L

Step R forward shimmy, step L back shimmy, 1/2 Paddle turn to L,
25-26 Step R forward, shake shoulders (&hips)
27-28 Rock back on L shake shoulders (& hips)
29-32 weight on L push with R turning 1/4 to L 2X