Tango Del Rio

Linda Parker - July 2010
Hey Sexy Lady - Shaggy

(1-8) Shuffle Step Right, Shuffle Step Left, Walk/Walk, ½ Pivot Turn
1&2 Step right, left foot forward-instep to heel, right foot step forward.
3&4 Step left, right foot forward-instep to heel, left foot step forward.
5-6 Walk right / left.
7-8 Turn to the left on the balls of both feet. (A.K.A: Military Turn)

(9-16) Repeat Above Pattern Once More.

(17-24) Side / Together, Chasse Right, Cross-Rock / Recover, Chasse Left.
1-2 Step right to side, step left together.
3&4 Step right to side, step left together, step right to side.
5-6 Cross/rock left over right, recover onto the right.
7&8 Step left to side, step right together, step left to side.

(25-36) Weave Left, Left Toe Touch (Long) To Left Side, Weave Right, Turn ¼ Right
1-3 Cross right over left, step left to side, cross right behind left
4-8 Touch left toe out to side (long) / drag toe back slowly to right (on count 4 hitch your left knee with a "snap" to it).
1-4 Cross left over right, step right to side, cross left behind right, turn ¼ right and step right forward.

(37-48) Step, ½ Pivot Right, ½ Shuffle Turn Right, Rock Back/Recover,
Right Kick Ball Change, Right Kick (Flick) Forward/Side/Forward, Right Toe Tap.
5-6 Step left forward, turn ½ right (weight on right)
7&8 Shuffle backwards turning ½ right stepping left, right, left
1-2 Rock right back, recover onto left
3&4 Kick right forward, step right together, step left in place
5-8 Flick forward right, cross/flick right across left, flick right forward /Tap right toe.

A dance to be done with attitude, keeping a straight frame/tight. Keep it sexy !!!