Jack Straight Up

Improver / Intermediate
Sara King (UK) & Natalie Rye - April 2011
Put the Boy Back In Cowboy - Bon Jovi : (Album: Lost Highway)

[1-8] Left lock step forward, Right lock step forward, step ½ pivot, step, walk Right, Left
1 & 2Step forward on left, lock right behind left, step forward on left.
3 & 4Step forward on right, lock left behind right, step forward on right.
5 & 6Step forward on left, pivot ½ turn right, step forward on left.
7 & 8walk forward right, left. (Optional full turn left)

[9-16] Kick Ball Point, 3x hip bumps, Right ¼ Sailor, walk Right, Left
9 & 10Kick right foot forward, step onto right, point left toe to side.
11 & 12Hip bump left, right, left placing weight on left.
13 & 14Cross right behind left making ¼ turn right. Step left beside right, step forward right.
& 15 16Step left beside right, walk forward right, left.

[17-24] Right toe tap 2x, Chasse right, Left sailor step, Chasse right
17 & 18Tap right toe to right side twice (Optional full turn with toe taps)
19 & 20Step right to right side. Step left beside right. Step right to right side
21 & 22Cross left behind right. Step right beside left, step left to left side.
23 & 24Step right to right side. Step left beside right. Step right to right side

[25-32] Left ½ Sailor, kick point Right, Left, Right cross unwind ¾
25 & 26Cross left behind right making ½ turn left. Step right beside left, step forward left.
27 & 28Kick right forward, step forward on right, point left to left side.
29 & 30Kick left forward, left forward on left, point right to right side.
31 & 32Cross right over left unwind ¾ turn left weight finishing on right.

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