Valentino CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Pim van Grootel (March 2011)
"Valentino" by Diana Birch

Starts after: 16 counts

Walk R, Mambo L, Walk L, Mambo R, Cross, ¼ Turn R, Side, Cross, Side, Behind
1RF Walk forward
2LF Step to left side
&RF Recover weight
3LF Step forward
4RF Step to right side
&LF Recover weight
5RF Cross over LF
6LF ¼ Turn right stepping backwards
7RF Step to right side
&LF Cross over RF
8RF Step to right side
&LF Cross behind RF

Side, Together, Cross, Side, Behind, ¼ Turn L, Rocking chair, Step, Turn ½ L
1RF Step to right side
2LF Step next to RF
&RF Cross over LF
3LF Step to left side
4RF Cross behind LF
&LF ¼ Turn left stepping forward
5RF Step forward
&LF Recover weight
6RF Step backwards
&LF Recover weight
7RF Step forward
8LF ½ Turn left stepping forward

Coaster Step R fwd, ¼ Turn L, Sweep, Sailor Step, Walk 5x (full turn)
1RF Step forward
&LF Step next to RF
2RF Step backwards, sweep LF ¼ Turn left behind RF
3LF Cross behind RF
&RF Step to right side
4LF Step to left side
5RF ¼ Turn right stepping forward
6LF ¼ Turn right stepping forward
7&8Walk R,L,R ½ Turn right

Lock Step L, Scuff, Lock Step R, Scuff, Step fwd, ½ Turn R, Full Turn R
1LF Step forward
&RF Lock behind LF
2LF Step forward
&RF Scuff
3RF Step forward
&LF Lock behind RF
4RF Step forward
&LF Scuff
5LF Step forward
6RF ½ Turn right stepping forward
7LF ½ Turn right stepping backwards
&RF ½ Turn right stepping forward
8LF Step forward

Start Again, Enjoy