Take Care

Terry Mchugh - May 2011
Handle With Care - The Traveling Wilburys

Step fwd tap, step back tap, lock steps, back tap.
1-2step fwd on right, tap left behind right,
3-4step back on left, tap right in front of left,
5-6step fwd on right, lock step left behind right,
7-8step fwd on right, tap left behind right,

Shuffles back x2, back rock, shuffle fwd.
1&2shuffle back, stepping left, right, left,
3&4shuffle back, stepping right, left, right,
5-6rock back on left, recover on right,
7&8shuffle fwd, stepping left, right, left,

Jazz box with scuff, cross rock left over right, shuffle 1/4 turn left.
1-2cross right over left, step back on left,
3-4step right to right side, scuff left across right,
5-6cross rock left over right, recover on right,
7&8shuffle 1/4 turn left, stepping left, right, left,

Step half turn left, rocking chair, side rock.
1-2step fwd on right, pivot 1/2 turn left,
3-4rock fwd on right, recover on left,
5-6rock back on right, recover on left
7-8rock right to right side, recover on left.

Restart: At end of wall five ( facing3,o, clock), dance first 16 counts of wall six, then start dance from the beginning.