There's a Reason

Marie Sørensen (DK) - May 2011
Let Your Love Flow - John Permenter

Intro: 16 Counts

Shuffle Fwd. Right, Step ½ Turn Right, Shuffle Fwd. Left, Step ½ Turn Left
1&2Step fwd. right, step left beside right, step fwd. right
3-4Step fwd. left, make ½ turn right
5&6Step fwd. left, step right beside left, step fwd. left
7-8Step fwd. right, make ½ turn left (12)

Chasse Right, Back Rock, Recover, Rockin` Chair
1&2Step Right to Right side, Step Left beside right, step right to right side
3-4Back rock left, recover
5-6Rock Fwd. left, Recover
7-8Rock back left, recover (12)

Toe Strut Left, Right, Chasse Left, Back Rock Right, Recover
1-2Tap left toe to left side, drop left heel
3-4Cross right over left and tap right toe, drop right heel
5&6Step left to left side, step right beside left, step left to left side
7-8Back rock right, recover (12)

Rumba Right, Touch, Side, Together, ¼ Turn Left, Touch
1-2Step right to right side, step left beside right
3-4Step right fwd. Touch left beside right
5-6Step left to left side, Step right beside left
7-8¼ turn left, step left to left side, touch right beside left (9)

Have Fun!

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