Aim For My Heart

Tara Busbridge (UK) - July 2011
Moves Like Jagger (feat. Christina Aguilera) - Maroon 5

Start on “stars” (15 secs)

[1-8] Right Side Rock, Right Sailor Step, Left Rock, Triple Full Turn
1-2Right side rock, recover on left
3&4Step right behind left, step left to side and right to side
5-6Rock forward on left, recover on right
7&8Triple full turn on the spot, stepping L-R-L (Coaster for easier option).

[9-16] Side Hold, Side Touch, Rolling Full Turn, ¼ Shuffle
1-2Step right to side, hold,
&3-4Left ball to right, step right side and touch left to right
5-6½ turn left x 2 (Step left to side, step right behind for easier option)
7&8Turn ¼ left shuffle, stepping left, right, left (09:00)

[17-24] ¼ Jazz Box Turn, Mambo, Sweep Back x 2
1-2Right across left, step back on left
3-4¼ turn right on right, step forward left (12:00)
5&6Rock forward right, recover left, step slightly back on right
7-8Sweep left behind right, sweep right behind left

[25- 32] Left Coaster Step, Right Kick Ball Change, ¼ Rock, Left Cross Shuffle
1&2Step back left. Step right to left, step left forward
3&4Right kick forward, step on ball of right, step forward left
&5-6Step on Ball of right turn ¼ , rock left to side, recover on right (03:00)
7&8Left cross shuffle, stepping left, right left

[33-40] Rock ¼, Point and Point, Right Rock Forward, Back Right Lock Step
1-2Rock side on right, recover on left
&3&4¼ turn on ball of right, point left to left side, cross left over right and point right to right side (12:00)
5-6Rock forward on right, recover on left
7&8Step back on right. Lock left infront of right and step back on right

[41-48] Point Back Unwind ½, Pivot 1/2 , Right Kick Ball Point, Side Rock
1-2Point left back turn ½ on ball of left (06:00)
3-4Step forward on right and turn ½ on left (12:00)
5&6Kick right forward, step on right and point left to left side
&7-8Step ball of left to right, rock side on right and recover on left

[49-56] Right Sailor, Left Sailor ¼, Right Forward Shuffle, ¼ Turn
1&2Step right behind left, step left to side and right to side
3&4Step back ¼ on left, step right to side and left to side (09:00)
5&6Forward right shuffle, stepping right, left, right
7-8Step ¼ turn on left and recover on right (06:00)

[57-64] Cross Shuffle, Side Rock Behind, Side Rock Behind
1&2Cross left shuffle, stepping left, right, left
3-4Rock right to side, recover on left
5-6Step right behind left, left side rock
7-8Recover on right, step left behind right (*)

Start again and Enjoy

* Tag and Restart: End of wall 5 – Right side rock and recover on left, Rock Right behind left and recover on left. RESTART