As Long As You Are Next To Me

Gitte Stehr (DK) - August 2011
Next to Me - Ilse DeLange : (Album: Hitzone 55 - 4:07)

Intro: 16 counts from heavy beat

Section 1: Vine right, touch, vine left ¼ turn left, touch
1-2Step r to right side, cross l behind right
3-4Step r to right side, touch l next to right
5-6Step l to left side, cross r behind left
7-8Step l fw making a ¼ left, touch r next to left (9:00)

Section 2: Shuffle r fw, pivot turn right, shuffle l fw, ¼ turn left
1&2Step r fw, step l next to right, step r fw
3-4Step fw on l, ½ right stepping r fw (3:00)
5&6Step l fw, step r next to left, step l fw
7-8Step fw on r, ¼ left stepping l to left side (12:00)

Section 3: Cross, point, cross, point, jazzbox, step fw
1-2Cross r over left, point (touch) left to left side
3-4Cross l over right, point (touch) right to right side
5-6Cross r over left, step back on l
7-8Step r to right side, step fw on l

Section 4: Rock step, coaster step, rock step, shuffle ½ turn
1-2Rock fw on r, recover on l
3&4Step back on r, step l next to r, step fw on r
5-6Rock fw on l, recover on r
7&8Step l to left side turning ¼ l, step r next to l, step l fw turning ¼ left (6:00)

Start again!

Restarts: Wall 3, 6 and 9 (all starts 12:00) dance first 16 counts, then restart (12:00)

Ending: Wall 15 (starts 6:00) dance first 24 counts (6:00),
Cross right over left and unwind 1/2 turn left to front wall over 4 counts