Hey, Always

Tara Busbridge (UK) - September 2011
Come On - Will Young : (Album: Echos)

[1-8] Right Cross Rock, ¼ Right Shuffle, Left Rock, ½ Turn Left Shuttle
1-2Rock R across L, recover on L
3&4¼ turn right shuffle, stepping R,L,R
5-6Rock L forward, recover on R,
7&8½ turn left shuffle, stepping.L,R.L

[9-16] Right Forward Rock, Left Rock ¼ Turn, Left Cross Point, Right Cross Point
1-2Rock forward on R, recover on L
&3-4Step on ball of R, rock on L turn ¼ right, recover on R
5-7Step L across R, point R to right side (*Tag & Restart)
7-8Step R across L. point L to left side

[17-24] Left Samba, Right Samba, ½ Turn, Full Turn
1&2Cross step L over R. Rock out to right side on ball of R. Recover on L. (Travelling Forward)
3&4Cross step R over L. Rock out to left side on ball of L. Recover on R. (Travelling forward
5-6Step forward on L, pivot ½ turn right on R
7-8Turn ½ turn on L, ½ turn on R (easier option walk forward L & R)

[25- 32] Left Forward Rock, ¼ Turn Touch, Grapevine ½ Turn
1-2Rock forward on L, recover on R
3-4Turn ¼ turn left on L, touch R to L
5-6Step R to right side, step L behind R
7-8½ turn on R, step L to left side

Start again and Enjoy

*Tag: On Wall 9 - Dance to count 14 then right cross rock and recover on left and restart