Beers Ago CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Dwight Birkjær (DK dec. 2011)
Beers Ago by Toby Keith

Intro 16 count (on vocal)

Jumping cross rock, Back Rock kick x 2
1-4Jump cross R over L flick L behind R, recover L, jump back R kick L diagonal left, recover L beside R
5-8as 1-4 ( 12 o´clock)

Rollin vine R-L, Scuff
1-4¼ turn right, ¼ turn right, ½ turn right, touch L beside R
5-8¼ turn left, ¼ turn left, ½ turn left, scuff R

Vaudeville, Turn, Stomp x2
1-4Cross R over L, step L to side, tap R heel diagonal fwd. recover R beside L
5-8½ turn right stepping L to side, ½ turn right stepping R to side, stomp L-R ( 12 o´clock)
Restart 3 wall, put in 7&8 count to change weight from right to left leg ( 6 o´clock)
Ending replace 7-8 count with, ½ turn right, Stomp R( 12 o`clock)

Heel Tap Twice, Toe Tap Twice, ¼ turn Heel Tap Twice, ¼ turn flick stomp
1&2&3&4&Tap L heel, recover L, Tap R heel, recover, L toe tap back, recover, R toe tap back, recover ( 12 o´clock)
5&6&7-8¼ turn left L heel tap, recover, R heel tap, ¼ left turning R foot left, Flick L , stomp L beside R ( 6 o´clock)

Applejacks x 8
1&2&Weight on L heel and R foot ball twist L toe and R heel to left side, recover center, Weight on R heel and L foot ball twist R toe and L heel to right side, recover center
3&4&as 1&2&
5&6&as 1&2&
7&8&as 1&2&
(Option make double Applejacks or Heel Switzes )
Restart 6 wall.( 12 o´clock)

Heel Jacks L-R-L-R
&1&2Step R-L-R on the spot, Tap L heel diag. fwd.
&3&4Step L beside R, step R-L on the spot, Tap R diag. fwd.
&5&6&7&8as &1&2&3&4

Monterey ½ turn right X 2
1-4Point R to right side, Recover R making ½ turn right, point L to side , recover L ( 12 o´clock)
5-8Point R to right side, Recover R making ½ turn right, point L to side , recover L ( 6 o´clock)

Step, Touch , Back, Kick, Back coaster, Step ¼ turn
1-4Step R fwd., touch L toe behind R, recover L, kick R 8 6 o´clock)
5-8R back rock, recover L, step R fwd. ¼ turn left. ( 9 o´clock)

Restart: After wall 7 restart from AppleJacks ( 9 o´clock)

Have Fun