Spoilin For A Fight

Newcomer Novelty
Udo "Homer" Drescher (DE)
Spoilin' for a Fight - AC/DC

Start the dance after 16 Counts, when drums set in.

[1 – 8] Toe Struts 2x – Step - ½ Turn – Kick Ball Change
1RF touch toe forward
2RF step down on heel
3LF touch toe forward
4LF step down on heel
5RF step forward
6LF ½ turn left (6.00)
7RF kick forward
&RF step next to LF
8LF step in place

[9 – 16] Heel Switches – Clap – Toe Strut – Cross Toe Strut
9RF touch right heel forward
&RF step next to LF
10LF touch left heel forward
&LF step next to RF
11RF touch right heel forward
13RF touch toe to right side
14RF step down on heel
15LF touch left toe in front of RF
16LF step down on heel

[17 24] Side Shuffle – Back Rock – Heel Switches - Clap
17RF step side right
&LF step next to RF
18RF step side right
19LF rock back
20RF recover
21LF touch left heel forward
&LF step next to RF
22RF touch right heel forward
&RF step next to LF
23LF touch left heel forward

[25 – 32] Toe Strut – Cross Strut – Side Shuffle – Back Rock
25LF touch toe to left side
26LF step down on heel
27RF touch right toe in front of LF
28RF step down on heel
29LF step side left
&RF step next to LF
30LF step side left
31RF rock back
32LF recover

[33 – 40] Step – ¼ Turn – Cross Shuffle – Side Rock – Sailor Step
33RF step forward
34LF ¼ turn left (3.00)
35RF cross over LF
&LF step side left
36RF cross over LF
37LF rock side left
38RF recover
39LF cross behind RF
&RF step side right
40LF step slightly forward

Alternate End:
After the 9th wall start the dance,
on count 6 do only ¼ turn left (facing 12.00)
Dance ends with clap after heel switches