Wicked Game

Micke Friberg (SWE) & Maria Hedenmark (SWE) - January 2012
Wicked Game - Chris Isaak

Start on vocals app. 36 sec

Section 1: Left rumba box, Hold
1-2L to left side, R beside L
3-4Step L Forward, Hold
5-6R to right side, L beside R
7-8Step R back, Hold

Section 2: L Rock, Recover, Cross, Hold, Side, Behind, Turn ¼ R, Hold
1-2Rock L to L side, Recover
3-4Cross L over R, Hold
5-6Step R to R side, Step L behind R
7-8Turn ¼ R by step R Forward, Hold

Section 3: Step turn, Step, Hold, Full turn L, Step, Hold
1-2Step Forward on L, Turn ½ R
3-4Step Forward on L, Hold
5-6Turn ½ L by step R back, Turn ½ L by step forward on L
7-8Step Forward on R, Hold

Section 4: Rock L, Recover, Step L, Hold, R Coaster step, Hold
1-2Rock forward on L, Recover
3-4Step back on L, Hold
5-6Step R back, Step L beside R
7-8Step R forward, Hold

Ending: Do the first 15 steps and on step 16 you turn a ¼ R and sweep your L foot behind R and end at front wall