Yellow Submarine

Absolute Beginner
Yeo Yu Puay (MY) - February 2012
Yellow Submarine - The Beatles : (Album: Yellow Submarine)

Intro: 1 count (on the word “town”)

[1-8] Forward Scuff (4x)
1–2Step R forward(1), scuff L forward(2)
3-4Step L forward(3), scuff R forward(4)
5–6Step R forward(5), scuff L forward(6)
7-8Step L forward(7), scuff R forward(8)

[9-16] Back back back kick (2x)
1–2Step R back(1), step L back(2)
3-4Step R to back(3), kick L forward(4)
5-6Step L back(5), step R back(6)
7-8Step L back(7), kick R forward(8)

[17-24] 4 Toe struts (moving right)
1-2Touch R toe to right(1), drop R heel(2)
3–4Touch L toe across R(3), drop L heel(4)
5-6Touch R toe to right(5), drop R heel(6)
6-8Touch L toe across R(7), drop L heel(8)

[25-32] Back rock, ¼ Pivot, Step R L, Sway R&L
1-2Rock R back(1), recover weight forward onto L(2)
3-4Step R forward(3), turn ¼ left, shifting weight to the L(4)
5-6Step R slightly forward(5), step L to left, feet a shoulder width apart(6)
7–8Sway to the right(7), sway to the left, with weight ending on L(8)

Start again!

This dance was specially written for and dedicated to Bernie Gillotti and her dancers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Keep up the good job you’re doing with the seniors, Bernie! God bless you!

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