Intermediate / Advanced
Rob Fowler (ES) - February 2012
Dance the Night Away - Lionel Richie

Intro: Start on main vocals

SEC1: Long Step Left On Left, Rock Back Right, Recover, Long Step Right On Right, Rock Back Left, Recover, Skate Left, Skate Right, Chasse Left
1-2&Step long step to Left Side on Left, Rock back Right, Recover onto Left
3-4&Step long step to Right Side on Right, Rock back Left, Recover onto Right
5-6Skate Diagonally forward Left, Skate Diagonally forward Right
7&8Left Side Chasse LRL

SEC2: Cross Rock Right, Recover, Syncopated Weave, Left Sailor ¼ Turn, Left Triple Turn Forward
1-2Rock Right over Left, recover back Left
&3-4Step Right to Right side, Cross Left over Right, Step Right To Right Side
5&6Left Sailor ¼ Turn Left LRL (9.00)
7&8Make ½ turn left Stepping back Right, Make ½ turn left Stepping Forward Left, Step forward Right (9:00)
RESTART WALL 4, After Section 2, Facing 12:00

SEC3: Rock Forward Left, Recover, Syncopated Back Steps, Coaster step, ¾ turn Right
1-2Rock forward Left, Recover back Right,
&3-4Step Back left, Step back Right, Step long step back Left
5&6Right Coaster Step back RLR
7-8Make ½ turn Right stepping back Left, Make ¼ turn Right Stepping right to Right Side(6;00)

SEC4: Cross Rock Left, Recover, Syncopated Cross Rock Right, Recover, Sweep Right Sailor ¼ Turn Full Pencil Turn Right
1,2Cross Rock Left Over Right, Recover back on Right
&3-4Step Left to Left Side, Cross Right over Left, Recover back on Left
&5&6Sweep Right into Right Sailor ¼ turn Right RLR (9;00)
7&8Step Forward Left, Make ½ Pivot Turn Right, Turn ½ turn Right on Ball of Right, Touch Left Next to Right