Tango In Wales

Easy Intermediate
Johnny Sheehan (UK) - May 2012
Tango - Michael Nantel : (iTunes)

(From Llandudno Weekend, April 2012)

Intro ...64 Counts

[1-8] Step, Hold, Step-Together-Back, Step L & Sway L-R:
1-2Step L fwd, Hold
3-4-5-6Step R to R side, Step L beside R, Step R back, Hold
7-8With L hand raised - Step L to L side & sway L, Sway R

[9-16] Cross-Rock - Recover - Rock & Flick X2:
1-2-3-4Cross-rock L over R to R diagonal, Recover on L, Rock L over R, On ball of L turn to L diagonal while flicking R back
5-6-7-8Cross-rock R over L to L diagonal, Recover on R, Rock R over L, On ball of R turn to front while flicking L back

[17-24] Step - Sweep X2, Step - Hook X2, Step:
1-2Step L back, Sweep R round from front to back
3-4Step R to floor, Sweep L round from front to back
5-6Step L to floor, Hook R in front of L
7-8Step R to floor, Hook L behind R
&Quickly step L to floor

[25-32] Step - Sweep X2, Step-Hitch, Touch-Hitch-Touch into 1/4 turn L, Hitch:
1-2Step R fwd, Sweep L round from back to front
3-4Step L to floor, Sweep R round from back to front
5-6Step R to floor, Hitch L
7Angling body slightly R - Touch L toe across R (1 o’clock)
&Hitch L knee
8Make 1/4 turn L while touching L toe fwd (9)
&Hitch L slightly

...Start again and Enjoy...