New York Girls

Easy Intermediate
Tara Busbridge (UK) - June 2012
New York Girls - Bellowhead : (Single)

Start on 8 counts

[1~8] R Cross Rock, R Side Shuffle, L Cross Rock, L ¾ Turn Shuffle
1 - 2Rock R across L, recover on L,
3&4R side shuffle, stepping R L R,
5 - 6Rock L across R, recover on R
7&8Step ¼ on L, step ¼ on R, step ¼ on L, (3:00)

[9~16] R Side Point, L Side Point, Forward Heel R & L, R Forward Rock, Right Coaster
1&2&Point R to R side, step R next to L, Point L to L side, step L next to R,
3&4&R heel forward, step R next to L, L heel forward, step L ball next to R
5-6Rock forward on R, recover on L, (TAG)
7&8Step back on R, step L beside R, step forward on R

[17~24] L Step ½ Turn, L Diagonal L Lock L, R Cross and Heel, L Cross and Heel
1-2Step forward on L making ½ turn, step forward on R, (9:00)
3&4Step L to forward, step R behind L, step L forward,
5&6&Step R across L, L to L side, step R heel to R side, weight on R
7&8&Step L across R, R to R side, step L heel to L side, weight on L

[25~32] R Forward Rock, R Back Shuffle, L Cross, Back and Cross, Side
1-2Rock R forward, recover on L,
3&4R back shuffle, stepping R L R
5-6&Step L over R, step back on R, Step on ball of L,
7-8Step R across L, step L to L side.

Start again and Enjoy

TAG & RESTART - On Walls 3 & 7 add 2 count Tag, then Restart dance from the beginning.
Dance to Count 14 then add : Turn ½ R Turn, Step Forward on L (3:00)
1-2Make ½ turn on R, step forward on L