Straddle the Line

Stephen Sunter (UK) - June 2012
Hungry Like The Wolf / Rio – Darren Chris (Glee Cast Version) (136bpm - iTunes)

Country Alternative: You're Easy On The Eyes – Terri Clark (127bpm) 40 count Intro

16 count Intro

Forward L, Right Next to Left Feet Apart, Sway x 2, Turn ¼ R, Turn ¼ R, Touch
1Step left forward
2Step right FORWARD feet apart
3Sway hips left
4Sway hips right
5Sway hips left, making a 1/4 turn right
6Replace weight to right foot
7Make 1/4 turn right STEPPING left to SIDE
8Touch right next to left

Right to Side, Left behind, Turn ¼ Left Step Back R, Touch L, Diagonal Step L, Diagonal Step R
1Step side right
2Step left behind right
3Make 1/4 turn left stepping back right
4Touch left next to right
5Large diagonal step left
6Slide right next to left (no weight)
7Large diagonal step right
8Slide left next to right (no weight)

Rolling Vine L, Side Shuffle Right, Rock Back, Weight to Right
1 – 4Rolling vine left
5 & 6Side shuffle right
7Rock back left
8Replace weight right

Step L, Hold, Pivot ½, Hold, Step L, Hold, Pivot ½, Hold
1Step forward left
2Hold (click fingers)
3Pivot half right
4Hold (click fingers)
5Step forward left
6Hold (click fingers)
7Pivot half right
8Hold (click fingers)

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