You Needed Me

High Intermediate
Alison Johnstone (AUS) & Adeline Cheng (MY) - June 2012
You Needed Me - Boyzone : (Various Albums - iTunes)

Start: On Vocals on words “I cried a tear” (14 seconds)

(1-8) Nightclub Right, ¼ Over Left stepping Left, Full Spin Over left, Rock Forward, Recover ¼, ¼ Over Right (&), Walk Forward Left, Right (3.00)
1, 2&Big step Right, Rock Left behind Right, Recover Right (&)
3, 4&¼ turn over Left stepping Left, ½ turn Over Left stepping back on Right, ½ turn over Left stepping Forward Left (&)
5, 6&Rock forward on Right, ¼ Right turn as you Recover on Left, ¼ turn over Right stepping Right beside Left (&)
7, 8Walk forward Left, Walk forward Right

(9-16) Pivot ½ Over Right, Step, ½ Over Left, ¼ Over Left, Right In Front Left, Side Rock Cross, Side Rock Cross(12.00)
1&2Step forward Left, Pivot ½ over Right (&), Step forward Left,
3&4½ turn over Left stepping Back on Left, ¼ turn over left stepping Left to side (&), Step Right in front of Left
5&6Rock Left to side, Recover on Right (&), Cross Left in front of Right,
7&8Rock Right to side, Recover on Left (&), cross Right in front of Left

(17-24) ¼ Left into Nightclub Left, ¼ Over Right Stepping Right, Full Spin Over Right, Rock Forward, Recover, Back Left (&), Back Right, Back Left, Right Together (&) (6.00)
1, 2&¼ turn over Right shoulder taking a Big step Left, Rock Right behind Left, Recover on Left (&) (3.00)
3, 4&¼ turn over Right stepping on Right, ½ turn over Right stepping back on Left, ½ turn over Right stepping forward Right (&)
5, 6&Rock forward on Left, Recover Right, Small step back Left (&)
7, 8&Step back Right, Step back Left, Step Right together (&)

(25-32) Forward Left sweep Right, Forward Right Sweep Left, Weave Right, Cross Recover Side, Weave Left ¼ Turn Left (3.00)
1, 2Step forward Left sweeping Right back to front, Step Forward Right sweeping Left back to front
3&4&Cross Left over Right, Step Right to side, Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to side
5, 6&Cross Right over Left, Recover Right, Step Left to Side (&)
7&8&Cross Right over Left, Step Left to Side, Cross Right behind Left, ¼ turn Left stepping on Left

(33-36) Pivot ¼ Over left, Pivot ½ Over left (6.00)
1, 2Touch forward on Right, Pivot ¼ over Left
3, 4Touch forward on Right, Pivot ½ over Left


*** TAG: end wall 2 facing 12.00 wall - Sway Right, Left, Right, Left (4 Counts) then start***

END OF DANCE: Wall 6 facing 6.00 dance to count 20& (end of Spin) you will be facing front

We hope you enjoy our dance _

Last Revision - 6th August 2012