Everyday I Love You

Beginner / Intermediate
Christle Chong (MY) - July 2012
Every Day I Love You - Boyzone

Intro: 16 counts

Rumba Basic, Step R Fwd, ½Turn L / Ronde(6.00)
1,2,3Step R to R side, cross rock L over R, recover on R
4-5Step L to L side, Hold
6-7Rock back on R, recover on L
8-1Step R fwd, execute ½ turn L Ronde L around from front to back (6.00)

Step L Behind R, Side, L Cross Shuffle Facing Diagonal (7.30), Step R, L Back, Back Rock, Recover, 1/8Turn L,Step R Fwd (6.00)
2-3Step L behind R, step R to R side
4&5Cross L over R facing diagonal (7.30), step R to R side, cross L over R
6,7Step back on R, step back on L (7.30)
8&1Rock back on R, recover on L, 1/8 turn L with step R fwd (6.00)

Pivot ½ Turn R.x2, Sway L, R, Coaster Step
2-3Step L fwd, pivot ½ turn R step R fwd (12.00)
4-5Step L fwd, pivot ½ turn R step R fwd (6.00)
6-7Sway L, R
8&1Step back on L, step R beside L, step L fwd

Figure 8 Hips Sway, ¼ Turn R with Step L Beside R, ½ Turn R with Step R to R side, Cucaracha, Step
2,3,4Place R ball fwd with Figure 8 Hips sway R,L, step R fwd
&5¼ turn R with step L beside R (9.00), make ½ turn R with step R to R side (3.00)
6,7,8Sway hips to L side, sway hips to R side, step L beside R