Talk Is Cheap

Marie Sørensen (DK) - August 2012
Talk Is Cheap - Alan Jackson : (Album: Thirty Miles West - June 2012 - iTunes)

Intro: 64 Counts - No tags, No Restart !

Step ½ Turn, Step, Hold, Step ¼ Turn, Cross, Hold
1-2Step fwd. Right, ½ turn Left, step fwd. Left
3-4Step fwd. Right, hold
5-6Step fwd. Left, ¼ turn Right (Weight on Right),
7-8Cross Left in front of Right, hold 09:00

Point, Touch, Point, Hold, Behind, Side, Cross, Hold
1-2Point Right to Right side, touch Right beside Left
3-4Point Right to Right side, hold
5-6Cross Right behind Left, step Left to Left side
7-8Cross Right in front of Left, hold 09:00

Point, Hitch, Point, Hold, Rock, Recover, Step Back, Kick
1-2Point Left to Left side, hitch Left across Right
3-4Point Left to Left side, hold
5-6Rock fwd. Left, recover
7-8Step back Left, kick Right fwd.(09:00)

Coaster Step Right, Scuff, Lock Step fwd. Hold
1-2Step back on Right, step Left beside Right
3-4Step fwd. Right, scuff Left
5-6Step fwd. Left, lock Right behind Left
7-8Step fwd. Left, hold (09:00)

Have Fun!

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