Felicia Doble & Diandra Doble - July 2012
Pontoon - Little Big Town : (iTunes)

Dance starts 16 counts in

Touch Step Sailor Step 2x
1-2Touch right, step right to side
3&4Step left behind, step out right, step left center
5-6Touch right, step right to side
7&8Step left behind, step out right, step left center

Cross Step Hold, Ball Change Ball Change, Scissor Step L & R
1-2Cross the right over left, hold
&3&4Step left behind on ball of foot, step right in front, repeat
5&6Rock left to side, recover right, cross left over right
7&8Rock right to side, recover left, cross right over left

Touch Step, ½ Turn Hip Roll Left, Rock Recover Step, Rock Recover Step
1-2Touch left, step left
3-4Step right forward, hip roll counter clockwise ½ left, step left
5&6Cross rock right over left, recover back left, step right together
7&8Cross rock left over right, recover back right, step left together

Walk 2 Steps Back, Step Heel, Step Heel, Step Walk Walk, Kick Step Touch
1-2Walk back right and left
&3&4Step right, left heel, step left, right heel
&5-6Step right, walk forward left, right
7&8Kick left, step left, touch right

Shuffle Forward 2x, Sweep ¼ right, Sailor Step
1&2Shuffle forward RLR
3&4Shuffle forward LRL
5-6Sweep the right foot turning a ¼ turn to the right
7&8Step behind right, step out left, step right in center

Step Touch, Step touch, Step Cross, Step Heel, Weave
1-2Step left, touch right to side
3-4Step right, touch left to side
&5&6Step left, Cross right, Step left, Right heel
&7&8Step out right, Step left behind, step right, cross left


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