Sugar Pie

Upper Beginner
Jo Rosenblatt (AUS) - October 2012
"I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)" by Jessica Mauboy

START: Feet together, weight on left, start on lyrics

Cross, Side, ¼ Rock, Recover, Shuffle, Paddle Turn
1-4Cross R over left, Step L to left, Turning ¼ right rock back on R, Recover on L
5&6Shuffle fwd RLR
7 8Step L fwd, Paddle ¼ right stepping right onto R

Weave with ¼ turn to right, Pivot Turn, Hold
1-4Step L across right, Step R to right, Step L behind right, Turn ¼ right step R fwd
5-8Step L fwd, Pivot right stepping onto R, Step L fwd, Hold & Clap

Prissy Walks x 3, Hold, Prissy Walks x 3, Hold
1-4Prissy Walks fwd: R over left, L over right, R over left, Hold
5-8Prissy Walks fwd: L over right, R over left, L over right, Hold ***
(Do some hand actions in front of your body opposite to the way your feet are moving during the Prissy Walks – have fun!!.)

Rock, Recover, Back Shuffle, Rock, Recover, Fwd, Touch
1 2Rock fwd on R, Recover back onto L
3&4Shuffle back RLR
5-8Rock back on L, Recover fwd onto R, Step L fwd, Touch R to right


RESTART: *** During Wall 7: After the Prissy walks, start the dance again facing 9 o’clock.