Flower Bud

Beginner / Improver - NC
Alison Johnstone (AUS) - November 2012
"Flower" - Kylie Minogue (iTunes)

*NO TAGS OR RESTARTS* - Clockwise rotation

(1-8) Nightclub Left, ¼ Right, Pivot ¼ Right, Weave Right, Cross, Recover, Side (6.00)
1, 2&Big step Left, Rock Right behind Left, Recover on Left (&)
3, 4&Step ¼ Right forward, Step forward Left, Pivot ¼ over Right (&),
5&6&Cross Left over Right, Step Right to side, Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to side
7, 8&Cross Left over Right, Recover Right, Small step Left to side (&)

(9-16) Cross, Recover, Side, Rock Forward, Recover, ¼ Left, Cross, Side, Back Right, Sweep Left, Cross Behind, Side Rock, Recover, Cross (3.00)
1, 2&Cross Right over Left, Recover Left, Small step Right to Side (&)
3, 4&Rock forward Left, Recover Right, Step ¼ Left side (&)
5&6Cross Right over Left, Step Left to side, Step back Right sweeping Left front to back
7&8&Cross Left behind Right, Rock Right to side (&), Recover left , Cross Right over Left (&)

(Easier steps for last counts = Cross Left behind Right (7), Sway to Right (8) )

Start Again

**** Ending: on the last count & you will be facing 6.00 simply unwind that final cross over the Left shoulder to face front****

The song has a Tinkerbelle fairy sound and the steps on the & counts are small with the emphasis on the single count larger steps.

This Dance Is Dedicated To All My Beautiful Dancers
I hope you enjoy

Contact: alison@nulinedance.com