Bye For Now Waltz

Intermediate - waltz
Denis Flanagan (IRE) - December 2012
"'Till We Meet Again" by Johnny Reid. Cd: Fire It Up

Intro: (Pointing Left Foot To Side) 3 Counts, on word “Sun”

Back, L Twinkle, touch unwind ½ R, L Twinkle, R Twinkle ¼ turn R.
1-3Step left behind right, Rock/Step right to right side, Recover onto left.
4-6Touch right behind left, unwind ½ turn right. (6.00)

1-3Cross left over right, Rock/step right to right side, Recover onto left
4-6Cross right over left, make ¼ turn right step left back, Step right to side.(9.00)

L Twinkle ¼ turn L, Weave L, ¼ turn L into ¼ L hitch kick fwd. 3 skates back.
1-3Cross left over right, make ¼ turn left, step right back,Step left to side. (6.00)
4-6Cross right over left, Step left to side, Step right behind left

1-3Turn ¼ left step fwd on left, hitch right knee make ¼ left and swing right foot fwd.(12.00)
4-6Skate back on right – left - right

Back ½ turn R step fwd. step ½ pivot L, sweep ½ sailor L, Rock(hold)Step
1-3Step back on left, turn ½ right step fwd on right, step fwd on left (6.00)
4-6Step fwd on right, pivot ½ turn left, (weight on right) sweep left anti clockwise (12.00)

1-3continue sweep into ½ turn left step onto left (12.00), Step R fwd, Step L fwd.
4-6Rock fwd onto R, Hold, Recover onto L

Coaster cross, ¾ turn R, Sailor step, Rock back point L.
1-3Step back on right, Step left next right, Cross right over left.
4-6make ¼ turn right stepping back on left. make ¼ turn right stepping fwd. on right, make ¼ turn right stepping L to side (3.00)

1-3Cross R behind L, Step L to side, Step R to side
4-6Cross rock L behind R, Recover onto R, Point L to side

Tag: 6 Counts after Instrumentals, end of wall 7. (9.00)
1-3Cross left behind right, step right to side, step left to side
4-6Cross right behind left, point left to left side, hold.