Dance & Shout

Darren Bailey (UK), Roy Hadisubroto (NL) & Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - December 2012
Dance & Shout - Shaggy

Step forward, Michael Jackson kick, step out, touch, weight change from right to left.
1LF step forward.
&Hitch up Rknee.
2Kick lower part RF.
3RF step out right.
4LF touch on too left.
5,6,7,8,Bounce weight to LF, facing 12:00

Slide right, (hands up Optional), slide left, (hands up Optional), ½ peddle turn.
1RF slide right.
2LF close RF, both hands next to head.
3LF slide to left.
4RF close LF, both hands next to head.
5Turn 1/8 over left, RF touch right.
6Turn 1/8 over left, RF touch right.
7Turn 1/8 over left, RF touch right.
8Turn 1/8 over left, RF touch right, facing 18:00.

Step forward, kick forward, step backwards, touch backwards, step diagonal together, step diagonal together.
1RF step forward.
2LF kick forward.
3LF step backwards.
4RF touch backwards.
5RF step diagonal 19:30
6LF close back RF.
7RF step diagonal 19:30.
8LF touch back RF.

Swivel left, swivel right, hand clap, hip bounces, ¼ turn left.
1LF swivel left.
2RF swivel right.
3clap both hands left.
4Lower both hands.
5Weight on RF and bounce right hip backwards
&Bounce left hip forward.
6Bounce right hip backwards.
&Bounce left hip forward.
7Bounce right hip backwards.
8¼ turn left, LF step forward, 15:00.

Walk, walk, kick and out, kick and out, ¼ turn left.
1RF step forward.
2LF step forward.
3RF kick forward.
&RF close LF.
4LF touch left.
5LF kick forward.
&LF close RF.
6RF touch right.
7RF step forward.
81/4 turn left, weight on LF, 12:00.

Mambo right, mambo left, ½ walk around.
1RF step right.
&Recover weight on LF.
2RF close LF.
3LF step left.
&Recover weight on RF.
4LF close RF.
5RF step forward.
6LF step forward.
7¼ Turn left, RF step forward.
&¼ Turn left, LF step forward.
8RF step forward, start again.