Jingle Bell Rock CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Patti Bullock (Dec 2012)
Jingle Bell Rock – Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert. Album: Cheers, It's Christmas

Intro – Begin dance on vocals

(1-8) Side Lindy Shuffles w/ Ball Change
1&2Step right w/ R, Step L next to R, Step right w/ R
3,4Rock L behind R, Recover forward on R
5&6Step left w/L, Step R next to L, Step left w/ L
7,8Rock R behind L, Recover forward on L

(9-16) Weave Right, Right Side Rock, Cross Front, Hold
1,2Step side w/ R, Cross behind right w/ L
3,4Step side w/ R, Cross front of right w/L
5,6Rock side w/ R, Recover on L
7,8Cross front of left w/ R, Hold (8)

(17-24) Left Side Rock, Cross Front, Hold, Right Side Rock, Cross Shuffle
1,2Rock side w/L, Recover on R
3,4Cross front of right w/ L, Hold (4)
5.6 Rock side w/R, Recover on L
7&8Cross in front of left and shuffle R, L, R

(25-32)Forward Rocking Chair, Left Shuffle ½ turn, Rocking Chair
1,2Rock forward on L, Recover back on R
3&4Making a left ½ turn – Shuffle L, R,L
5,6Rock forward on R, Recover back on L
7,8Rock Back on R, Recover forward on R

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