Better Dig Two

Lois Klender - December 2012
Better Dig Two - The Band Perry : (slow)

Alt. music: Relentless by Jason Aldean (faster)

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Heel & toe, Shuffle (Right & Left)
1-2Tap right heel forward, tap right toe behind
3&4Shuffle forward (right, left, right)
5-6Tap left heel forward, tap left toe behind
7&8Shuffle forward (left, right, left)

Rock-Recover, Behind-Side-Cross (Right & Left)
1-2Rock right to the side, recover left
3&4Step right behind left, step left to the side, cross right over left
5-6Rock left to the side, recover right
7&8Step left behind right, step right to the side, cross left over right

Syncopated Right Grape Vine with ¼ Turn, Step Pivot 1/4, Cross Shuffle
1-2Step right to the side, left behind
3&4Right side shuffle with ¼ turn right (right, left, right)
5-6Step left pivot ¼ turn right
7&8Cross shuffle (step left across right, step right, step left across right)

Big Step, Tap, Rock-Recover, Tap (Right & Left)
1-2Take a big step to the side with right, tap left
3&4Rock left back, recover right, tap left next to right
5-6Take a big step to the side with left, tap right
7&8Rock right back, recover left, tap right next to left


TAG: Better Dig Two: When the music slows down to a stop on wall 6 (the back), finish counts 13-16 (left rock, recover right, behind-side-cross), then add the following:
1-2Hold two counts
On the downbeat of the drums:
3-4Bump right-left
5-6Bump right-left

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