Da Yan Jing

Phrased Beginner
Tina Chen Sue-Huei (TW) - February 2013
Da yan-jing by Daolang

Start dance on lyrics after 32 Counts. - SD: AAAB/BTag/AAAB/AAA

Choreographer’s note: hand-styling refer to my video

Tag (12 Counts)
1-8Side R, L Together, Side R, L touch beside
1-4Side L, R touch beside, Side R, L touch beside

Part (A) (32 Counts)
I. Side, Together, Side, Hold, Cross Rocking, Hold
1-4Side R, L together, Side R, Hold
5-8Cross Rock L over R, Recover on R, Cross Rock L over R, Hold

II. Scissors Cross Rock , Hold
1-4Side R, Side Rock L, Cross R over L, Hold
5-8Side L, Side Rock R, Cross L over R, Hold

III. Fwd Walk, Kick, Back Walk, Touch
1-4Fwd walk and low kick fwd on RL – RL
5-8Back walk and touch beside on LR – LR

IV. Rocking Chair, ¼ Turn R
1-4Rock fwd R, L recover, Rock fwd R, ¼ turn R Rock back L
5-8Rock fwd R, L recover, Rock fwd R, L recover

Part (B) (32 Counts)
I. Weave R, Touch, Kick And Hitch
1-4Side R, L behind, Side R, L touch beside
5-8Side L, R kick fwd, Side R, L hitch

II. Rocking Chair
1-8Rock L fwd, R recover, Rock back L, R recover on LR – LR – LR – LR

III. Mirror Steps of Section I. (Part B)

IV. Rocking Chair, ¼ Turn R

1-6Rock R fwd, L recover, Rock R back, L recover on RL – Rl – RL
7-8¼ Turn R Rock back R, L recover (12.00)

V. Repeat Sections I & II. (Part B)

Have fun !

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