A Kiss 4 Me

Norman Gifford (USA) - February 2013
Dammi Un Bacio - Giampiero Vincenzi : (iTunes)

(Start on the vocals)

(Half rumba box back, hold, lock-step back, hold)
1-4Left step side; right together; left step back; pause
5-8Right cross behind; left lock across right; right step back; pause

(Never-ending vine with sweeps, done toward the upper right diagonal)
1-2Left sweep behind right; right step side
3-4Left crossover forward; right sweep from back to front (do not take weight)
5-6Right crossover; left step slightly back
7-8Right step back; left sweep front to back (do not take weight)

(Rock-step, swivel turn ½ right, step back, pause, rock-step, swivel turn ¼ left, step side, pause)
1-2Left rock back; right replace forward turning ½ right [6:00]
3-4Left long step back; pause
5-6Right rock back; left replace forward turning ¼ left [3:00]
7-8Right long step side; pause

(Behind, step side, crossover, right touch, replace, step side, crossover, pause)
1-4Left behind; right step side; left crossover; right toe tap behind left
5-8Right replace; left step side; right crossover; pause


*** TAG: (Done after wall #2 (6:00), and again after wall #7 (9:00)
You'll hear it in the music!
(Scissor step, pause, chassè right, pause)
1-4Left step side; right step slightly back; left crossover; pause
5-8Right step side; left step together; right step side; pause

(Step slightly back, crossover)
1-2Left step slightly back; right crossover

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