Complete My Love

Sandy Kerrigan (AUS) - Feburary 2013
Let It Be Me by Adam Harvey & (feat. Camille Te Na) iTunes

Step Side, Behind, ¼ Fwd, Step Fwd, Rock with ½ Turn L, ¼ L Ball Cross, Step Side
1 2 & 3Step L to L Side, Drag R to Cross Behind L, Turn ¼ L Step Fwd L, Step Fwd R
4 5 6Rock Fwd L, Replace Back to R, Turn ½ L Step Fwd L 3:00
& 7 8Turn ¼ L Step Ball of R to R Side, Cross L over R, Step R to R Side 12:00

Cross, Scissor Step, ¼ Back, ¼ Fwd, ¼ Step Side, Back Rock, Step Side
1 2 &3Cross L over R, Step R to R Side, Step L next to R, Cross R over L
4 5 6Turn ¼ R Step Back on L, Turn ¼ R Step Fwd R, ¼ R Step L to L Side 9:00
7 8 &Rock Back on R, Replace Fwd to L, Step R to R Side

Back Rock, ¼ Back, ½ Step Fwd, Step Fwd ½ Pivot Turn, Cross, Hold
1 2 3Rock Back on L, Replace Fwd to R, Turn ¼ R Step Back on L 12:00
4 5 6Turn ½ R Step Fwd R 6:00, Step Fwd L with ½ Pivot Turn R, wt to R
7 8Cross L over R, Hold

Cross, Hold, Quick Cross, Step Back, ½ Fwd, ¼ Turning Rock Step, Behind, Side, Cross
1 2 & 3Cross R over L, Hold, Cross L over R, Step Back on R 12:00
4 5 6Turn ½ L Step Fwd on L, Turn ¼ L-Rock R to R Side, Replace to L Side
7 & 8Cross R Behind L, Step L to L Side, Cross R over L 3:00

Note: Love this song, couldn’t help myself, the urge to create a dance was overwhelming!

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