Wagon Wheel Wock

Marilyn Bycroft (AUS) - March 2013
"Wagon Wheel" by Nathan Carter. Wagon Wheel Single [iTunes]

Starts on Vocals

Vine Right. Vine Left.
1 – 2Step Right to Right side. Cross Left behind Right.
3 – 4Step Right to Right side. Touch Left beside Right.
5 – 6Step Left to Left side. Cross Right behind Left.
7 – 8Step Left to Left side. Touch Right next to Left.

Right Toe Strut. Left Toe Strut. Jazz Box Step.
1 – 2Step Forward on Right Toe, drop Right Heel Down.
3 – 4Step Forward on Left Toe, drop Left Heel Down.
5 – 6Right Cross over Left, Step Left Back.
7 – 8Step Right to Right side, Step forward on Left.

Step Scuff x 4 (Making a 3/4 Turn Right.
1 – 2Make 1/4 turn Right stepping Right forward. Scuff Left beside Right. (3 o’clock)
3 – 4Make 1/4 turn Right stepping forward on Left. Scuff Right beside Left. (6 o’clock)
5 – 6Make 1/4 turn Right stepping forward on Right. Scuff Left beside Right. (9 o’clock)
7 – 8Step forward on Left, Scuff Right beside Left. (Completing 3/4 turn Right.)

Walk Forward x 3. Kick. Walk Back x 3. Touch. Left.
1 – 2Step Forward on Right, Step Forward on Left.
3 – 4Step Forward on Right, Kick Left Forward.
5 – 6Step Back on Left. Step Back on Right.
7 – 8Step Back on Left. Touch Right beside Left.

Contact: Marilyn Bycroft - maz44b@bigpond.com