Love On Top

Beginner / Intermediate
Pooi Kuan - March 2013
Love On Top - Beyoncé

Dance starts after 32 counts : ’Honey,honey…..’

Section 1 : R Kick ball Tap, Lock Step triple, Rock recover, Triple step full turn R
1&2 3&4RF kick fw, step down on R, tap L forward, R rock step forward,
5 6 7&8RF rock recover forward, R triple step full turn

Section 2 : L Slide to L, Together, ,L cross shuffle, R Slide back, together, Walk Walk
1 2 3&4LF slide to L,RF step together, Cross LF over R, small RF to R, cross LF over R
5 6 7 8RF slide to back, Lf step together, R walk L walk.

Section 3 : RF forward rock, Side Rock, Back rock, Step R to R, L Rock Back , R Rock back ¼ turn L
1&2&3&4Forward rock RF recover, Rock RF to R side recover, Rock RF back recover, RF to R,
5&6Cross LF behind R, Step RF, Step LF to L,
7&8Cross RF behind L, Step LF, make ¼ turn L on R

Section 4 : L Cross point, Step back, L point , & R point Hold, Tap Tap touch
1 2 3 4Cross LF over R, Point R toe to R, Step LF behind R, point L toe to L
&5 6 7&8Step LF beside R, Point R toe to R, Hold, R tap, L tap, R touch

Section 5 : R kick ball point, L kick ball point, Step together, L chasse
1&2Kick forward on RF, step down on R, point LF to L,
3&4Kick forward on LF, step down on L, touch RF beside L,
5 6 7&8Step RF to R, touch LF beside R, Step LF to L, close RF beside LF, Step LF to L

Section 6 : R Dorothy step, Jazz box cross
1 2 &Step fw on RF diagonal, Step LF behind R, Step fw on RF diagonal
3 4 &Step fw on LF diagonal, Step RF behind L, Step fw on LF diagonal
5 6 7 8R cross over L, L step back, RF to R,LF cross over R

Section 7 : Cross R over L, Syncopated Vine to L, L rock back, syncopated Vine to R
1 2 3 & 4Cross R over L, step L to L ,step R behind L, Step L to L, cross R over L
5 6 7 & 8L rock back, step R to R, cross L over R, Step R to R, cross L step back

Section 8 : Pulp vision with R heel bounce 4x, RF point back 1/2 turn , L mambo
1 2 3 4Bounce R heel 4 times
5 6 7 & 8RF point back, R ½ turn, Rock LF forward, recover on R, Step RF beside LF

Ending Facing 12:00 (until Sec8 – 4 counts)

Enjoy !!!!