Rock Me

Donna Manning (USA) & LeAnne Lesmeister - March 2013
Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker : (The Old Crow Medicine Show or Nathan Carter's version will work)

[1-8] Left Rocking Chair, Step L Forward, R Together, Step L Forward, Pause
1-2Left Rock Forward, Recover on Right
3-4Left Rock Back, Recover on Right
5-6Left Forward Step, Right Step Together
7-8Left Forward Step, Pause

[9-16] Right Forward Rock, Right Side Rock, Behind, Side, Cross, Sweep
1-2Right Rock Forward, Recover on Left,
3-4Right Side Rock, Recover on Left
5-6Right Step Behind Left, Left Step to Side
7-8Right Step Across Left, Left Sweep back to front

[17-24] 8 Count Toe/Heel Strut Left Jazz Box with a ¼ Turn L
1-2Touch Left Toes Across Right, Drop Left Heel
3-4Touch Right Toes Back, Drop Right Heel
5-6¼ Turn L Touch Left Toes Side, Drop Left Heel
7-8Touch Right Toes Across Left, Drop Right Heel

[25-32] Left Grapevine with Scuff, Right Grapevine with Scuff
1-2Left Step to Side, Step Right Behind Left
3-4Left Step to Side, Scuff Right Forward
5-6Right Step to Side, Step Left Behind Right
7-8Right Step to Side, Scuff Left Forward
NOTES: All steps are full count – no syncopation.


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