Rob Fowler (ES) & Lianne Fowler - March 2013
Seventeen - The Fontane Sisters : (iTunes)

Intro: 16 Counts (approx. 6 secs) BPM: 160

Mambo forward, mambo back
1,2Rock forward onto right, recover back onto left
3,4Step back right, Hold
5,6Rock back onto left foot, recover forward on right,
7,8Step forward left, Hold

Mambo right cross, mambo left cross
1,2Rock right to right side, recover to left
3,4Cross right over left, Hold
5,6Rock left to left side, recover to right
7,8Cross left over right, Hold

Side touch, side touch, rolling turn right
1,2Step right to right side, touch left next to right clicking fingers
3,4Step left to left side, touch right next to left clicking fingers
5,6¼ turn to right, ½ to right stepping back onto left
7,8¼ turn to left stepping right to right side, Hold

Diagonal touch, back touch x2
1,2Rock fwd left over right foot, touch right behind Left click finger
3,4Step back onto right, touch left next to right click fingers
5,8Repeat 1,4

Side, cross, side, Kick, Side, cross, side, Kick,
1,2Step left to left side, cross right over left
3,4Step left to left side, kick right to right diagonal
5,6Step right to right side, cross left over right
7,8Step right to right side, kick left to left diagonal

Slow1/4 turn Sailor step Left, ½ turn left x 2
1,2Step left behind right, make ¼ turn left stepping right to right side
3,4Step left to left side, Hold
5,6Make ½ turn left step back right, Hold
7,8Make ½ turn left step fwd left, Hold

Right rocking chair, 1/2 pivot turn ,1/2 turn step back
1,2Rock fwd right , recover back to left
3,4Rock back left, recover fwd right
5,6Step fwd right, make ½ pivot turn left
7,8Make ½ turn left stepping back right, hold

Step back LRL, Slow coaster step, step
1,2Step back left twisting right toe to right, step back right twisting left toe to left
3,4Step back left twisting right toe to right, Hold
5,6Step back right, step left next to right
7,8Step fwd right, step fwd left

End of dance