Slip 32

Pat Stott (UK) & Lizzie Stott (UK) - April 2013
Slip - Stooshe

Commence on main vocals

Grapevine right, slide, circle left toe anticlockwise twice
1-4. Right to right, cross left behind right, right to right, slide left to right
5-8. Keeping left toe in contact with floor circle toe anticlockwise twice

Side, tap, side, tap, grapevine with 1/4 turn left, brush
1-2. Step left to left (swinging arms left), tap right beside left
3-4. Step right to right (swinging arms right), tap left next to right
5-7. Step left to left, cross right behind left, turn 1/4 left stepping forward on left,
8. Brush right foot forward

Shuffle forward, shuffle forward, Jump forward, hold and clap, jump back, hold and clap
1&2. Step forward on right, close left to right, step forward on right
3&4. Step forward on left, close right to left, step forward on left
&5,6. Jump forward and out on right then left, hold and clap
&7,8. Jump back on right, then left, hold and clap

4 toe struts back with optional shimmies
1-4. Right toe back, lower heel, left toe back, lower heel
5-8. Right toe back, lower heel, left toe back, lower heel
(Optional - shimmy shoulders as you toe strut back)

End of wall 2 and 6 add the following:
1-8. Fan right toe to right twice, fan left toe to left twice
9-12. Knee pops- right knee in, hold, left knee in hold
13-16. Knee pops - right, left, right, hold

End of wall 4
Just dance 1-8 (the fans)

End of wall 8
Just add 1-4 (the right fan only)

The additions are easy to hear in the music
End of music take a big step to right and slide left towards right holding the pose!!
Enjoy xx

Last Revision - 17th April 2013