Throw Away The Key, Please CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Ninna Jensen. DK, (Feb 2013)
"Wake Me Up" by Helena Fischer

Intro: 8 counts.

Sec 1: Vine right, vine left with ¼ turn left
1-4: R to right side; L behind R, R to right side, touch L beside R.
5-8: L to left side; R behind L, L to left side turning ¼ to L, scuff R beside L.

Sec 2: Shuffle forward, pivot ½ right; shuffle forward step L &R
1-4: Step R forward, L beside R, Step R forward, Step L forward; turn ½ right ending weight on R foot.
5-8: Step L forward, R beside L, L. forward, step R & L
2nd Restart here at 11th. wall

Sec 3: Cross points R & L, Jazz box Right foot
1-4: Step R across L, point L to L side, Step L across R, point R to R side.
5-8: Step R across L, step L back, step R to R side, step L forward.
1st Restart here at 7th. wall

Sec 4: Rock step, shuffle ½ turn right, shuffle ½ turn right, back rock.
1-4: Rock R forward, recover back to L, turn ¼ R stepping R foot forward, step L beside R, turn ¼ R stepping R foot forward.
5-8: Turn ¼ R stepping L foot back, step L beside R, turn ¼ R stepping R foot back, Rock R foot backwards and recover to L foot.

Tag: Make a Rocking chair at the end of wall 2:
1-4: Rock RF forward, recover to the LF;

Restart at wall 7 after the jazz box.

Restart at wall 11 after shuffle and steps R & L.

This dance is made as a floor split to the dance: “Throw away the key” of Alison & Peter