Just Go

High Beginner
Ria Vos (April 2013)
"Just Go" - Boz Scaggs. Album: Fade Into Light

Intro: 32 Counts (±18 sec)

R Cross Rock, Side, L Cross Rock, Side, Cross, ¼ Turn R
1-2Cross Rock R Over L, Recover on L
3Step R to Right Side
4-5Cross Rock L Over R, Recover on R
6Step L to Left Side
7-8Cross R Over L, ¼ Turn Right Step Back on L (3:00)

¼ Turn R, Touch, ¼ Turn L, Touch, Scissor Cross, Side
1-2¼ Turn Right Step R to Right Side, Touch L Next to R
3-4¼ Turn Left Step Fwd on L, Touch R Next to L
(Note 1-4: the ¼ turn is for styling, look at this as opening your body and return)
5-6Step R to Right Side, Step L Next to R
7-8Cross R Over L, Step L to Left Side

Behind, ¼ Turn L, Step Pivot ½ Turn L, Prissy Walk Fwd x3, Sweep
1-2Step R Behind L, ¼ Turn Left Step Fwd on L (12:00)
3-4Step Fwd on R, Pivot ½ Turn Left (6:00)
5-6Step Fwd on R Slightly Crossed, Step Fwd on L Slightly Crossed
7-8Step Fwd on R Slightly Crossed, Sweep L from Back to Front

Cross, Back, Back Diagonal, Jazz Box ¼ Turn R, Sweep or Point
1-2Cross L Over R, Step Back on R
3Step L Back to L Diagonal
4-5Cross R Over L, Step Back on L
6¼ Turn Right Step R to Right Side (9:00)
7-8Cross L Over R, Sweep or Point R to Right Side

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