Twist of Fate

Improver / Intermediate
Wayne Beazley (AUS) - May 2013
Twist of Fate - Hey Romeo

Start After 16 Counts April 2013

1&2,3&4Shuffle fwd L R, L, Kick R fwd & step R tog, Step L to left side
5&6,7&8Repeat R kick & step side, R sailor R,L,R

1&2,3&4Step L behind R,& step R to side, cross step L over R,1/4 turn R shuffle Fwd R
5,6,7,8Step fwd L, pivot ¼ turn right, Step fwd L, ¼ pivot turn R , touch R next to L

1&2,3,4R kick ball change, step fwd R, ¼ turn left touch L tog
5&6,7,8Kick L & step L tog, cross step R over L, step L to side, scuff R beside L

1,2,3,4Rock fwd R,back L, full turn back over R shoulder stepping R,L
5,6,7,8Point R to side, ½ turn R step R tog, Point L to side, touch L tg (Monterey turn**)

1,2,3,4Touch L to side, step L behind R, ¼ turn R step R fwd, step L to side
5&6, 7&8R sailor, Step L behind R, & R to side, cross step L over R

1,2,3,4Touch R to side, Touch R fwd, Touch R to side, kick R out to side
5&6,7&8Step R behind L, & step L to side, cross step R over L, ¼ turn L shuffle fwd L,R,L

1,2,3,4Step fwd R, touch L behind R, step back L,## touch R beside L
5,6,7,8Step R slightly to R bump hips R,L,R,L

1&2Step R behind L,& step L to side,Cross step R over L,
3&4Step L to side, & step R tog, cross step L over R
5,6,7&8¼ turn L step back R, ½ turn L step fwd L, shuffle fwd R,L,R

Restarts are consecutive on wall 5
1-Dance first 51 counts then step R tog, Restart ##
2-Dance first 32 then Restart**