Yeah Aw Naw

Gwen Walker (USA) - June 2013
Aw Naw - Chris Young

Start on lyrics, 16 counts after strong beat begins. - No tags, No Restart

Heel rock forward, coaster, heel rock, ½ turn triple
1-2Rock forward onto right heel, recover back to left.
3&4Right Coaster step, step right foot back, bring left foot back beside it, step right forward.
5-6Rock forward onto left heel, recover back to right.
7&8½ left triple, turn to left step left ¼ turn to left, step right beside left, step left forward ¼ turn. (6:00)

Side rock, kick ball change, heel switches, walk, walk.
1-2Rock right foot to right side( small side rock) , recover to left foot.
3&4Right Kick ball change, kick right foot forward, bring weight back to ball of right foot, step onto left.
5&6&. Heel switches, touch right heel forward, bring right back beside left, touch left heel forward, bring left back beside right.
7-8Walk forward Right, Left (6:00)

Step ¼ turn left, behind side cross, step, behind side forward ½ turn.
1-2Step right foot forward, turn ¼ left bringing weight to left foot (3:00)
3&4Step right behind left, step left to side, cross right over left.
5Step left to left side
6&7Step right behind left, step left to side, step right foot forward.
8Make ½ turn over left shoulder place weight to left foot.(9:00)

Jazz box cross, side triple, step, touch
1-4Sweep step right foot over left, step left foot back, step right foot to side, cross step left over right.
5&6Right side triple, step right to right side, bring left beside right, step right to right side.
7-8Step left beside right foot, touch right toe beside left.

½ turn Monterey, 4 walks
1-4Touch right toe out to right side, turn ½ turn right stepping onto right, touch left toe out to side, step left foot back beside right.(3:00)
5-8Walk forward, right, left, right, left( as you walk forward do with attitude, crossing each step in front of the other)(3:00)

Step ½ turn, crossing triple, side rock, ½ turn sailor
1-2Step right foot forward, turn ½ turn to left stepping onto left. (9:00)
3&4Crossing triple, step right across left, step left to side, step right across left.
5-6Side rock left foot to left side, recover to right
7&8½ turn left sailor, sweep left ½ turn around behind right, step right to side, step left forward(3:00)

The dance will end at the 12:00 wall as you step right forward at the start of section 3 (17th step)

Enjoy, Have Fun, Dance from the Heart with JOY!!!!!