Seether's Country Song

Novice / Intermediate WCS
Jimmy Karlsson - June 2013
Country Song - Seether

Intro: Start on Can’t, “Well I Can’t…”

Wall 1-2, Tag 1, Wall 3, Tag 2, Wall 4-7, Tag 3, Wall 8-, Wall 9-10
Tag 1 – First 16 counts then restart (starting tag 12 o’clock, soft)
Tag 2 – First 8 counts then restart (starting tag 12 o’clock, soft)
Tag 3 – First 4 counts then restart (starting tag 12 o’clock, hard)
Wall 8- – Skip the Kick, restart after the Stomp
That’s it! Have Fun!

[1-8] Walk, Walk, Anchor Point, Back, Back, Coaster Point
1-4(1)Walk R forward, (2)Walk L forward, (3)Step R behind L, (&)Recover on L, (4)Point R to R
5-8(5)Walk R back, (6)Walk L back, (7)Step R back, (&)Step L next to R, (8)Point R to R

[9-16] Cross, Side, Back & Heel &, Cross, Side, Sailor Turn ½ L
1-4(1)Cross R over L, (2)Step L to L, (3)Step R behind L, (&)Step L next to R, (4)Tap R heel Forward, (&)Step R behind L
5-8(5)Cross L over R, (6)Step R to R, (7)Step L behind R, (&)Make ¼ L by stepping R to R, (8) ¼ turn L Recover on L

[17-24] Right Dorothy, Left Dorothy, Jazzy Click-Box ¼ R
1-4(1)Step R diagonally forward, (2) Step L behind R, (&)Step R diagonally forward, (3)Step L diagonally forward, (4)Step R behind R, (&)Step L diagonally forward
5-8(5)Cross R over L, (&)Click Fingers, (6)Step L back, (&)Click Fingers, (7)Make ¼ R Step R to R, (&)Click Fingers, (8)Step L forward, (&)Click Fingers

[25-32] Step Turn ¼ L, Cross Shuffle, Chasse, Stomp, Kick
1-4(1)Step R forward, (2)Make ¼ L recovering weight on L, (3)Cross R over L, (&)Step L to L, (4)Cross R over L
5-8(5)Step L to L, (&)Step R next to L, (6)Step L to L, (7)Stomp R beside L, (8)Kick R forward

Note: As you will find out the first time you listen to the song, some walls are soft and some are hard.
So make that into the dance. The Tags as well!