Hold Me Back

Easy Intermediate
Maddison Glover (AUS) June 2013
Outta Control (Original Radio Edit) by De-Lano ft. Francisco. Album: Outta Control – EP on iTunes


Rock fwd, back, Lock shuffle back, back rock/flick, Hipsx3
1,2,3&4Rock fwd onto L, Replace weight onto R, Step L foot back, Lock R across L, Step L foot back
5,6,7&8Rock back onto R, Rock fwd onto L whilst flicking R foot back/up, Step R fwd rocking hips fwd onto R diagonal, Rock hips back onto L diagonal, Rock hips fwd onto R diagonal

Walk fwd x2, Lock shuffle fwd, Rock fwd, back, ¼ turning shuffle
1,2,3&4Walk fwd stepping L, R, Step L fwd, Lock R behind L, Step L fwd,
5,6,7&8Rock fwd onto R, Replace weight onto L, Turn ¼ R stepping R to R side, Step L beside R, Step R to R side.


At the end of the 4th, 8th, 16th, and 20th Sequence, add the following Tag and repeat it twice to make up 16 counts. This will take place facing 12:00 each time.

L fwd, hold & Shimmy, Touch front, side, front, side
1,2,3,4Stomp L fwd, hold and shimmy shoulders, Stomp R fwd, hold and shimmy shoulders
5,6,7,8Touch L front, Touch L to L side, Touch L front, Touch L to L side
Repeat counts 1-8

NOTE: This dance can be used as a split floor with Simon Ward’s successful Intermediate dance ‘Outta Control’. This dance was choreographed for my easy-intermediate class.

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