Maybe It's You

Shelly Graham and Donna Manning (June 2013)
Maybe It's You by Thompson Square

Sequence: 28,32,16/ 28,32,16/ 28,32,32 PLEASE DON’T LET THIS SCARE YOU OFF!
Listen to the song and you can hear and feel the phrasing. Very easy to follow. PROMISE
16 count intro..

Sec. 1 (1-8) Cross Rock, Recover, ½ Turn R, ½ Chase Turn, Cross Rock, Recover, Side
1, 2, 3R Cross Rock, Recover to L, ½ Turn R Stepping R forward (4:30)
4&5Step L forward, ½ turn R on the ball of L bring R together with L, step L forward
6, 7, 8R Cross Rock, Recover to L, step R to R side (12:00)

Sec. 2 (9-16) Cross Rock, Recover, ½ Turn L, ½ Chase Turn, Cross Rock, Recover, Side
1, 2, 3L Cross Rock, Recover to R, ½ Turn L Stepping L forward (7:30)
4&5Step R forward, ½ turn L on the ball of R bring L together with R, step R forward
6, 7, 8L Cross Rock, Recover to R, step L to L side (12:00)

Sec 3 (17-24) Syncopated Weave, Side Rock, Recover, Cross, Side, Behind, ¼ Turn, Step
1&2&3&4R Cross over L, L to L side, R behind L, L to L Side, R Cross over L, L side rock (just push off the ball of L), Recover to R
5, 6, 7&8L Cross over R, R to R side, L behind R, ¼ R Stepping R forward, Step L forward (3:00)

Sec. 4 (25-32) Step, ½ Turn, ¼ Turn Nightclub Basic R, L Nightclub Basic, ½ Turn, ½ Turn with Sweep
1, 2Step R forward, ½ Turn L taking weight to L (9:00)
3, 4&¼ L Stepping R to R side, Bring L instep to heel of R, Cross R over L (6:00)
***Where the Restart is on count after count 28 - leave off the & count – RESTART with R Cross Rock***
You have to plant L and feel through that part. Don’t rush……
5, 6&Step L to L side, Bring instep of R to L heel, Cross L over R (slightly forward)
7, 8½ Turn L Stepping R back, ½ turn L stepping L forward while sweeping R from back to front into the cross rock for the beginning of the dance’s Cross Rock.
** For those that do not want to turn do walk, walk for 7,8 ** (6:00)


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