Like This

Improver - Funky WC
Dirk Leibing (DE) - July 2013
Like This - Baby Brown

Intro : 32 counts

Alt. Music: Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music White Boy

Out, Out, & Cross, Side, L Back Rock, R Back Rock ¼ Turn Hitch
1-2RF Step diagonally out right(1), LF Step diagonally out left(2)
&3-4Step right Ball next to LF(&), Cross LF in front of RF(3), Step RF to right side(4)
5&6LF Rock back(5), Recover on RF(&), LF Step to left side(6)
7&8RF Rock back(7), Recover on LF(&), Turn ¼ left stepping RF back while hitch LF(8)(9:00)

Coaster Step, Walk(2x), Paddle Turn 1/8(2x), Heel & Heel
1&2LF Step back(1), RF Close next to LF(&), LF Step forward(2)
3-4RF Step forward(3), LF Step forward(4)
&5RF small Step forward(&), Turn 1/8 left(weight on LF now)(5)(7:30)
&6RF small Step forward(&), Turn 1/8 left(weight on LF now)(6)(6:00)
Note: Roll your hip while turning
7&Touch right heel forward(7), Step RF next to LF(&)
8&Touch left heel forward(8), Step LF next to RF(&)

Rock Step & Rock Step, Lock Step back, Rock Step back
1-2&Rock RF forward(1), Recover on LF(2), Step RF next to LF(&)
3-4Rock LF forward(3), Recover on RF(4)
5&6LF Step back(5), RF lock in front of LF(&), LF Step back(6)
7-8RF Rock Step back(7), Recover(8)

Triple 1/2 Turn, Steb back(2x), Coaster Step, Sweep, Touch
1&2Turn ¼ left Step RF to left side(1), LF Close next to RF(&), RF Turn ¼ left Step back(2)(12:00)
3-4Turn ½ Step LF forward(3), Turn ½ left Step RF back(4)
Note: Easy option(3-4) – Step LF back(3), Step RF back(4)
5&6LF Step back(5), RF Close next to LF(&), LF Step forward(6)
7-8Sweep RF ¼ left(7), Touch RF next to LF(8)

Have Fun

Dirk Leibing -