AB Party

Absolute Beginner
Dirk Leibing (Aug 2013)
Zabadak – Saragossa Band

: Tretboot in Seenot – De Lancaster ft. Frl. Menke
: or use any other party song you like

Step, Touch, Back, Touch, Grapevine right, Touch
1-2Step RF diagonally forward right(1), Touch LF next to RF(2)
3-4Step LF diagonally back left(3), Touch RF next to LF(4)
5-6Step RF right(5), Step LF behind RF(6)
7-8Step RF right(7), Touch LF next to RF(8)

Back, Touch, Step, Touch, Grapevine left with ¼ Turn left, Brush
1-2Step LF diagonally back left(1), Touch RF next to LF(2)
3-4Step RF diagonally forward right(3), Touch LF next to RF(4)
5-6Step LF left(5), Step RF behind LF(6)
7-8Step LF ¼ left(7), Brush RF forward(8) 9:00

Rocking Chair, Walk(r,l,r), Hitch
1-2Rock RF forward(1), Recover on LF(2)
3-4Rock RF back(3), Recover on LF(4)
5-6Walk RF forward(5), Walk LF forward(6)
7-8Walk RF forward(7), Hitch left knee(8)

Back, Hold, Back, Hold, Slow Coaster, Brush
1-2Step LF back(1), Hold(2)
3-4Step RF back(3), Hold(4)
5-6Step LF back(5), Close RF next to LF(6)
6-8Step LF forward(7), Brush RF forward(8)

Have Fun

Contact: Dirk Leibing - dirk@leibing.de