I'll Take You Back

Marie Sørensen (DK) - September 2013
I'll Take You Back - Brad Paisley : (Album: Time Well Wasted - iTunes)

Intro: 16 Counts

Kick, Kick, Sailor Step, Kick, Kick, Sailor ¼ Turn Left
1-2Kick Right forward, kick Right to the Right side
3&4Cross Right behind Left, step Left to Left side, step Right beside Left
5-6Kick Left forward, kick Left to Left side
7&8¼ turn Left, step Left behind Right, step Right beside Left, step forward Left (09:00)

Shuffle, Rock, Recover, Jump Back Left, Hold, Jump Back Left, Touch, Hold
1&2Step forward Right, step Left beside Right, step forward Right
3-4Rock fwd. Left, recover
&5-6Jump back Left, Right, hold & clap (Weight on Right)
&7-8Jump back Left, touch Right beside Left, hold & clap (09:00)

Rock, Recover, ½ Turn Shuffle, Step ½ Turn, Ball Step, Walk, Walk
1-2Rock fwd. Right, recover
3&4¼ turn Right, step Right to Right side, step Left beside Right, ¼ turn Right, step fwd. Right 03:00
5-6Step fwd. Left, make a ½ turn Right, step fwd. Right
&7-8Step Left beside Right, step fwd. Right, Left 09:00

Syncopated Jazz Box Right, Side, Syncopated Jazz Box Left, Side
1-2Cross Right in front of Left, step back on Left
&3-4Step Right to Right side, cross Left in front of Right, step Right to Right side
5-6Cross Left in front of Right, step back on Right
&7-8Step Left to Left side, cross Right in front of Left, step Left to Left side (09:00)

RESTART: During wall 2, after 16 Counts – Facing 06:00 – Restart the dance here from the beginning !

RESTART/TAG: During wall 5, after 16 Counts – Facing 09:00 - Do the 4 Counts tag, and then Restart the dance from the beginning

TAG: After wall 10 - 4 Counts Tag – Facing:09:00
1-4Sway Right, Left, Right, Left

Have Fun!

Contact: sunshinecowgirl1960@gmail.com