Almost A Good Thing

Alison Johnstone (AUS) & David Hoyn (AUS) - September 2013
Good Thing - Keith Urban : (Album: Fuse- iTunes)

Start: On Vocals (25 seconds)

(1-8) Left Sailor Step, ¼ Turn Right Sailor Step, Pivot ½ Turn, Rock Forward Left, Recover Right (9.00)
1&2Left behind Right, Step Right side (&), Step Left side (Sailor),
3&4Right behind Left turning ¼ Right, Step Left side (&), Step Right side (Sailor) (3.00)
5, 6Step Left, Pivot ½ Right (9.00)
7, 8Rock forward on Left. Recover Right

(9-16) Walk Back Left, Walk Back Right, Left Coaster Step, Walk, Walk, Right Stomp Stomp
1, 2Walk Back Left, Walk Back Right
3&4Step back on Left, Step Right next to Left, Step forward left (Coaster)
5, 6Walk forward Right, Walk forward Left
7, 8Stomp Right twice next to Left (no weight)

(17-24) Sway Right, Sway Left, Behind, Side, Front, Vine Left,
1, 2Step Right to Side swaying Right, Sway Left
3&4Step Right behind Left, Step Left Side, Step Right over Left
5, 6Step Left to Side, Step Right behind Left
7, 8Step Left to side, Touch Right next to Left (Vine)
** EASY RESTART HERE WALL 4- Restart facing 6.00 Take Weight On Right At End Of Vine**

(25-32) Rolling Vine Right Finishing Stepping Forward Left, Pivot ½ Left, Step Right, Scuff Left (3.00)
1, 2¼ turn Right Stepping forward Right, ½ turn Right Stepping back on Left
3, 4¼ Turn Right stepping Right to side, Step forward Left (Rolling Vine)
5, 6Step forward Right, Pivot ½ over Left taking weight on Left (3.00)
7, 8Step forward Right, Scuff Left
(Easier option – Do not roll the Vine on counts 1-4 of this section and simply to touch Left beside Right on count 8 of this section)


END OF DANCE: Dance ends during Wall 12 (starts facing 12.00)
Dance the 1st 2 counts of the Vine Left(counts 20-21) then Step back Left turning ¼ Right and Touch Right Beside Left -you will be facing Front TADA!!!
Hope you enjoy

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