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Derrick Mulford - September 2013
The Conversation - Texas

Cross R/L, 1/4t Left, Walk Back: Right, Left,
1 - 2Cross Right Over Left, Step Left To Side With 1/4 Turn Left,
3 - 4Walk Back On Right, Walk Back On Left,

Right Coaster Back, Step, 1/4 T Right,
5 & 6Step Back On Right, Step Left By Right, Step Forward On Right,
7 - 8Step Forward On Left, Pivot 1/4 Turn Right,

Left Cross & Cross, Right Side Rock,
9 & 10Cross Left Over Right, Step Right To Right Side, Cross Left Over Right,
11 - 12Rock Onto Right To Right Side, Recover Onto Left,

Right Sailor Step, Left Sailor Step With 1/4 T Left,
13 & 14Cross Right Behind Left, Rock Onto Left To Left Side, Recover Onto Right,
15 & 16Cross Left Behind Right, Rock Onto Right To Right Side With 1/4 Turn Left, Recover Onto Left,

Restart: During Wall 3 Facing 9 O’clock, After The Instrumental Part
- This Makes It A 3 Wall Dance - Unique ?

Walk Forward: Right, Left, Right Shuffle Forward,
17 -18Walk Forward On Right, Walk Forward On Left,
19 & 20Step Forward On Right, Step Left By Right, Step Forward On Right,

Rock Forward, Back, ½ Turn Left, Walk Forward : Right, Left,
21 & 22Rock Forward Onto Left, Rock Back Onto Right, Spin ½ Turn Left Stepping Forward Onto Left,
23 - 24Walk Forward On Right, Walk Forward On Left,

¼ T Right Sailor Step, Hip Bumps: Left, Right, Left,
25 & 26Cross Right Behind Left With 1/8 Turn Right, Rock Onto Left To Left Side With 1/8 Turn Right, Recover Onto Right,
27 & 28Bump Hips: Right, Left, Right,

Right Kick, Step, Point Left, Left Kick, Step, Point Right.
29 & 30Kick Right Foot Forward, Step Right In Place, Point Left To Left Side,
31 & 32Kick Left Foot Forward, Step Left In Place, Point Right To Right Side.

Bridge: After First Wall - Right Jazzbox

Begin Again

Notes: 3 Walls Due To The Restart. Starts Off As 12 & 6 O’clock But Continues As 9 & 3 O’clock
If The Restart Is Ignored, Then It Becomes A Conventional 2 Wall Dance.


Last Revision - 12th Oct 2013