Honky Tonk Angels CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Rob McKean (10/2013)
It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels by Terri Clark

Beginning the Dance: The dance starts very quickly at the beginning of the song. Terri will sing “As I Sit here”
Start the dance as she sings “sit”

Weave Right, Left Train
1-4Cross L over R, step side right, cross L behind R, step side right
5-8Rock forward on L, recover on R, rock back on L, recover on R

Walk Forward, Kick& Clap
9-12Walk forward L-R-L, kick R forward and clap

Walk Back, ¼ turn Right, Touch
13-14Walk back R, walk back L
15-16Turn ¼ right and step on R, touch L beside R

Side Shuffle, Cross Rock
17&18Step side left, together on R, side left
19-20Cross R over L, recover on L
21&22Step side right, together on L, side right
23-24Cross L over R, recover on R

Side Step, Touch, Kick Ball Change
25-26Step side left, touch R beside L
27&28Kick R forward, step on the ball of the R, step together on L

Turning Vine and Scuff
29-32Step side R, cross L behind R, make a ¼ turn right on R, scuff L beside R

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