More Than Gold

Paul James (UK) & David-Ian Blakeley (UK) - October 2013
Gold - Britt Nicole : (iTunes)

Note: 3x restarts after count 16 on walls 3, 6, & 8.

[1-8] Slide right, Left slide 1/4, Switch right, Left, Right, Touch.
1-2Take a large step to right (1), Slide left next to right (2),
3-4Making a 1/4 turn left take a large step to left (3), Slide right next to left (4).
5&6Touch right out to right side (5), Step right next to left (&), Touch left out to left (6).
&7-8Step left next to right (&), Touch right out to right (7), Touch right next to left (8).

[9-16] Grapevine right with clap, Rolling vine left with clap.
1-2Step right to right (1), Step left behind right (2).
3-4Step right to right side (3), Touch left next to right with a clap (4).
5-6Make a 1/4 turn left stepping forward on left (5), Make 1/2 turn left stepping back on right (6).
7-8Make 1/4 turn left stepping left to left (7), Touch right next to left with a clap (8).

[17-24] Step, Pivot ¼, Step, Pivot ¼, Jazz box.
1-2Step forward on right (1), Pivot ¼ turn left (2)
3-4Step forward on right (3), Pivot ¼ turn left (4)
5-6Cross right over left (5), Step left foot back (6)
7-8Step right foot to right (7), Step left foot next to right (8).

[25-32] Right heel tap x2, Left heel tap x2, Kick ball change, Step & lift heels.
1-2&Tap right heel forward twice (1-2), Step right foot in place (&)
3-4&Tap left heel forward twice (3-4), Step left foot in place (&)
5&6Kick right foot forward (5), Step right foot in place (&), Step left foot slightly forward (6)
7&8Step right foot next to left (7), Lift both heels (&), Place both heels down (8).

End of dance - Happy dancing :)

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